August 20, 2017

3D Positioning System Evaluation Kit Release!

Greetings from Lunantech:

We are pleased to announce that our 3D positioning system evaluation kit for near-range applications is publicly released!

The evaluation kit consists of all the hardware components required to locate a single tag in a 3D near-range space. The system provides sub-millimeter resolution in 3D with less than 10 millisecond response time and up to 40cm away from the antenna array. A sample interface code is also available to make it easier for starting with the application development in the host computer.

For the design specifications and questions about the pricing or the lead time, please refer to our website under the Evaluation Kits.

We have 50% discount for all the academic institutions willing to use the device for research purposes. We also have two student awards for the best application and the most accurate Electromagnetic solution presented each year. For more information you can check the Awards section in our website.

Thanks for your interest and for your patience during the prolonged development time. It took us much longer than expected but we are excited to finally provide a device that can be tested in your applications.


Mahyar Modaresi
Founder at Lunantech

January 15, 2014

This demo shows how our 3D positioning system can be used to control a robotic arm.
Yet another application for Radio Waves! For more information, you can visit our website:

June 11, 2011

RFID as 3D Human-Computer Interaction

RFID is essentially a technology for automatic identification of objects or people. "RFID Road" is a book which explains a novel application for RFID which extends RFID from an identification system to a 3D human-computer interaction device. Here is a demo of the system: